464: This is how Ebba Busch hopes to cope with the crisis

464: This is how Ebba Busch hopes to cope with the crisis

The Christian Democrats’ party secretary Johan Ingerö has been reported to the police by party colleague Sara Skyttedal. Skyttedal accuses Ingerö of something that allegedly happened at a party in connection with the EU elections in 2014. Ingerö, who denies the accusations, has been forced to leave her position as party secretary.

Party leader Ebba Busch says that Johan Ingerö is leaving because the party is looking for a new type of profile for the position, and that it is not the notification that is the main thing behind the decision. We ask the question whether this is true, and how what is happening affects the party and Ebba Busch herself.

Political battle over the high food prices

Food prices skyrocket with inflation of nearly 12 percent in February. Now the politicians have woken up and are talking more and more about the fact that something must be done, but what? The left party talks about a food price ceiling, the government wants to have talks with the food giants. What can come out of this?

This is how the Swedes voted for tactics in 2022

Fredrik Furtenbach has received new fresh figures from the University of Gothenburg regarding tactical votes in the 2022 election. In short: the numbers make mush with the small parties’ own assumptions in their election analyses.

Cast: Fredrik Furtenbachdomestic political commentator on Ekot and Elizabeth Marmorsteindomestic political commentator on SVT.

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