The new Aalto2 museum center fulfills Alvar Aalto’s wish

The new Aalto2 museum center fulfills Alvar Aalto’s wish

A fresh concept

Museum center Aalto2 consists of two buildings designed by Alvar Aalto – the Alvar Aalto Museum (1971–73, 2023) and the Museum of Central Finland (1956–61, 1991, 2019) – and a new extension that will be built to connect them (2023). ). Together, these are more than 5,000 square meters, forming the premises of the Aalto2 museum center. The total cost estimate of the project was around 16 million euros, of which the state support of the Ministry of Education and Culture was 4.1 million euros.

The renewed Alvar Aalto museum opens its doors after a break of a few years. Structural repairs have been made in the museum, building technology has been renewed and changes have been made to the premises to serve the new Aalto2 concept.

The international idea competition for the Aalto2 extension connecting the Central Finland Museum and the Alvar Aalto Museum organized in 2015–2016 was a unique opportunity to develop something new to combine the two Alvar Aalto houses into a whole concept. The second most popular Finnish architecture competition of all time gathered almost 700 proposals from all over the world, which once again showed the international appeal of Aalto’s architecture. Architects A-Konsultit is responsible for the design of the final extension, which was also responsible for the renovation of both museums.

The bright and spacious extension meets the wishes of customers by improving the accessibility of the museums and increasing collaboration opportunities. The common lobby space, museum shop and cafe form a whole and a comfortable “living room”, which makes it easier to get to know the museum center and its exhibitions. With the improvement of Aalto2’s accessibility and the joint use of facilities, larger exhibitions, related events and service packages can be offered to different target groups.

“The profile of the new museum center will be a multi-purpose building specialized in cultural environments, architecture and design, which will offer experiential content that will attract an ever wider audience.”says the museum director of the city of Jyväskylä Heli-Maija Voutilainenfrom the Museum of Central Finland.

“At the same time, the architecture of the Aalto2 museum center and the exhibitions organized there offer visitors worldwide a unique opportunity to get to know architect Alvar Aalto’s growing environment, design ideas and realized projects in an authentic space”more CEO of the Alvar Aalto Foundation, Tommi Lindh .

Versatile exhibition content

Aalto2 naturally combines art and science, cultural environments, architecture and design. The museum center offers an interesting and versatile exhibition program and new events for different target groups. Aalto2 inspires people of different ages from near and far. Aalto2 content is produced by the Alvar Aalto Museum and the Museum of Central Finland together with their international, national and local partners.

The opening exhibition presents world heritage from near and far

The founders of Museum Center Aalto2, active promoters of world heritage, produce a joint exhibition, “Human Footprints – World Heritage”, for the opening of Aalto2 on May 27. Exhibition curators, Finnish-Spanish architects Give itand Eugene Bach are also responsible for the design of the exhibition. “Human Footprints – World Heritage” presents both tangible and intangible heritage from the Great Wall of China and Finnish sauna culture to modern architecture, combining it with the works of Alvar Aalto. The exhibition is on display in the Aalto2 museum center in the form of five miniature exhibitions that explore the diversity of built and cultural heritage.

Alvar Aalto and the spirit of Central Finland

The Alvar Aalto Museum’s new basic exhibition and the Central Finland Museum’s permanent exhibition are also part of the Aalto2 offer.

A new permanent exhibition at the Alvar Aalto Museum, “AALTO – Work and life”, presents Aalto’s work and ideas and influences in his design. The exhibition introduces the life and work of Alvar Aalto (1898–1976). Aalto is known as an architect and designer who worked with his wives, Aino Aalto (1894–1949) andElissa Aalto(1922–1994), but also with several architects in his office and with other important collaborators. According to Alvar Aalto, architecture and good design can solve the problems of human life and society, because the architect’s duty is to serve the little person. The exhibition extends beyond the surface – into Aalto’s design process itself – where he treated each design work as a new problem to be solved.

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Central Finland, “Get to know Central Finland”, gives visitors the opportunity to get to know the cultural heritage of Central Finland. The exhibition traces the spirit of Central Finland from prehistory to the year 2000. The exhibition reflects and presents the life of an average local person during different millennia, centuries and decades. The exhibition offers a wide selection of things to see, listen to and do for all ages. Visitors can listen to memories and stories, admire and marvel at the changing landscape and environment of Central Finland, watch a movie, read a cartoon about the founding stages of the city, or immerse themselves in a smoke sauna, a sports event, or rap music.

Museum Center Aalto2 is a new meeting place for architecture, design and cultural heritage in Jyväskylä. The center will be opened in May 2023 in honor of the 125th anniversary of Alvar Aalto’s birth.


Source: Alvar Aalto Foundation

Source: The Nordic Page

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