Mental Freeze, The Quagga Strikes Back & Epic Failure.

Mental Freeze, The Quagga Strikes Back & Epic Failure.

The scouts in P1 – community scouting with humor

Spanarna is the program and podcast for you who want to be both entertained and challenged. Only the scouts themselves know what it will be about.

Every weekend there is a new mix of scouts who take on the task of trying to predict the future in about ten minutes each based on interpreting the signs of the times with their own and personal eyes.

In this week’s panel in Spanarna, we hear Jessika Gedin, Göran Everdahl and Helena von Zweigbergk in Spanarna. The presenter is Ingvar Storm.

Here you can listen to all the searches in our archive!

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On Spanarna’s official page on Facebook can you talk about the program with other scout listeners.

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ATTENTION! Note the new repeat time for Spanarna, which you hear an hour earlier on Saturdays from 28 January at 09.03.





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