Missing at sea

Missing at sea

On October 6, 2011, director Daniel Lind Lagerlöf disappears at the Tjurpannan nature reserve in Bohuslän. When the police end the search, the investigators determine that he fell into the water from slippery rocks and that it was all an accident.

Finding the remains of another person

But in the search, a strange find has been made by a private person, living in the area. A completely different person has washed up on the beach, but the traces are few: A shoe, a cap, a shirt and skeletal parts in the form of two arms with shoulders and hands, a couple of loose smaller pieces of bone and a vertebra. Now the search for answers begins, but the further you go, the more questions are raised. Did the person even want to be found?

Reporter: Alexander Gagliano
Producer: Magnus Arvidson
Final mix: Nima Shams
A P1 Documentary from 2019.





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