The panel in Godmorgon world: About the crisis in KD and about NATO

  • Will the crisis in KD hurt the party in the long run?

  • Should we still join NATO?

  • Does liberalism have to turn around to become Poppy again?

The panel in Godmorgon världen is unique in its kind and consists of three writers/editors from the country’s leading newsrooms who rotate from week to week. We have a distribution that ensures that there is a balance between the different perspectives over time. There we weigh in partly the right/left perspective and partly which government alternative the editorial writer prefers.

Debate: This is a debate post with the aim of influencing. The opinions are the writer’s own, not Sveriges Radio’s.

From Goodmorning the world on March 19, 2023.

Responsible publisher Good morning world: Klas Wolf-Watz.





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