Racism Awareness Week encourages combating discrimination in the workplace

Racism Awareness Week encourages combating discrimination in the workplace

Racism Awareness Week encourages people to recognize and oppose racism in their everyday lives. People with a foreign background experience discrimination especially in the attitudes, advancement and salary negotiations of colleagues and supervisors. Nevertheless, only 7% of those who experienced discrimination at work or during a job interview reported it.

“Racism can be a conscious action or shouting, but it can also be unintentional comments or seemingly neutral practices that still exclude some people. It is important to recognize racism in everyday life and structures, to be aware of one’s own prejudices and to work actively to dismantle discriminatory structures,” said Sanna SaartoRed Cross integration support engineer.

It is important to recognize attitudes and actively fight against discrimination in order to eradicate racism. Instructions for combating racism can be found here.

Racism awareness week can be seen on social media and in various events around Finland. You can follow the week on social media with the hashtag #RacismAwarenessWeek. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Ministry of Justice and the Finnish Red Cross are also organizing the seminar “Equal workplace – how to build one?” You can participate in the seminar remotely and registration is available here.

Recognizing brave pioneers

In honor of Racism Awareness Week, the Finnish Red Cross awards Rohkea Pioneeri certificates to individuals or organizations that promote humanity and equality through their work. Local branches of the Finnish Red Cross in different parts of Finland hand out the certificates.

Helsinki and Uusimaa district prize Paperless Clinic

Global Clinics are volunteer-run clinics that provide free, anonymous and confidential care to undocumented people. In addition to treatment and counseling, Global Clinic has pushed for everyone’s right to health care, regardless of background, and for non-urgent treatment of illegal persons in public health care. The district was awarded the Global Clinic for their work.

Successful integration work and athletics

The Oulu district of the Finnish Red Cross hands over the Brave Pioneer certificate to the Immigrants’ Athletics School in Kuusamo. The school aims to promote the integration of immigrants and Finnish society through sports.


Source: The Nordic Page

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