STTK’s research shows a positive change in attitudes towards immigration and foreign workers in Finland

STTK’s research shows a positive change in attitudes towards immigration and foreign workers in Finland

The reason for the change in positive attitude is the increase in work-related immigration to Finland over the last four years, as well as an active social discussion on the topic. STTK believes that the need for international recruitment in Finland must be expanded, as the working-age population is estimated to decrease by 130,000 by 2030 and the declining birth rate is a challenge for the labor market.

STTK emphasizes, however, that international recruitment must be ethically sustainable, and it must include measures to prevent and eradicate work-related exploitation and strengthen the workplace’s receptiveness to foreign workers. As such, STTK has launched a website that offers advice and tips on managing cultural differences and creating a safe and inclusive work environment.

The site offers guidance on cultural competence, familiarization, equality planning and compliance with the principles of a safe space in the workplace. STTK also emphasizes that language barriers, prejudices and lack of familiarization are significant challenges in working life, and often the tools and information are lacking in responsible handling of situations. Intervening in these matters would help reduce the burden on the entire working community, especially those who have been discriminated against.

This year from 20 to 26 The anti-racism week organized in March focuses on workplace racism. STTK supports the week’s goals, which include creating a work environment that values ​​everyone as an individual. STTK encourages everyone to take action to dismantle discriminatory practices and create a more equal and inclusive workplace culture.


Source: The Nordic Page




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