China’s espionage, data theft cause concern for Norway, Netherlands

China’s espionage, data theft cause concern for Norway, Netherlands

Oslo [Norway]March 21 (ANI): China’s “state-sponsored” hackers, who did contract work in the service of state espionage, and data theft have become the main problem for Norway and the Netherlands, according to an article on Portal Plus authored by Valerio Fabbri.

The hackers use a sophisticated mix of social engineering techniques, including using dating sites, workplaces and massage platforms to gain the trust of victims.

Concerned about China’s government espionage, the Norwegian Intelligence Service (PST) and the National Security Agency (NSM) have highlighted in this year’s threat assessments that China targeted individuals via social media. Security intelligence has also expressed concern, saying Beijing could influence the global technology landscape in the coming years.

Norwegian companies have also advised users to be cautious and upgrade their knowledge to avoid cyber attacks and upgrade their security protocols to protect their information and personnel.

In the wake of previous cases of cyber attacks on websites, Norwegian companies have been urged to be cautious, upgrade their knowledge to avoid cyber attacks and upgrade their security protocols to protect their information and personnel.

Meanwhile, Norway’s sovereign wealth fund excluded Chinese technology company Hikvision from investment due to “serious” human rights violations by Uyghurs in Xinjiang, Portal Plus reported.

China-based companies Huawei and Hikvision are already facing accusations from the West of cyberattacks and espionage. Denmark and Sweden have also restricted the use of Huawei equipment in their 5G infrastructure. They suspect the company, in which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a shareholder, has been contracted to conduct Chinese government surveillance of Uyghur Muslims.

A similar case was witnessed in the Dutch company ASML, which is a world leader in the manufacture of machinery for the production of chips, the theft of sensitive data reported to the authorities in February 2023 that one of their Chinese employees had succeeded in a recent incident. obtain certain sensitive information about their company and thereby violate certain export control regulations.

Currently, there is a restriction on the export of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) machines manufactured by ASML after the United States banned high-tech exports to China. The majority of chips worldwide are made with Deep Ultraviolet (DUV) machines and ASML is the only manufacturer that makes and sells DUV systems.

Therefore, the ASML technology is sought after and has been targeted at the Chinese. It has unique capabilities – which no one else in the world can replicate – to produce a type of machine called an EUV lithography tool, without which it is simply impossible to make an advanced chip. The advanced version of DUV machines and other products may also face restrictions in view of the Chinese threat, Portal Plus reported.

At face value, these cases of data theft may appear to be isolated, but a closer look would reveal the sinister agenda behind them. They are well connected and well thought out plans to break the backbone of the target countries by destroying their economy and furthering the Dragon State agenda. (ANI)


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