Hoarders – Throw it all away or move | Part 2/3

Hoarders – Throw it all away or move |  Part 2/3

In Åke’s apartment there are several speakers, DVD players, stuffed animals, clothes and other appliances. There are stacks of boxes from floor to ceiling. One day he receives a letter. His landlord has heard about the situation and wants him to move out. He has to deal with it.

“Sleeping on the street is unthinkable in my condition, I’m disabled so it’s not possible,” says Åke.

Carl Kyrk helps collectors

Carl Kyrk has a cleaning company in Stockholm that specializes in helping people where the collection has gone far too far. And it’s more common than you think.

“There is a person with a collector problem every 500 meters”.

250,000 Swedes may suffer from collector’s syndrome. Some of them have accumulated so much that they risk being evicted from their homes.

Åke is actually called something else.

By: David Ohlsson
Producer: Sigrid Edsenius
Final mix: Fredrik Nilsson

P1 Documentary Miniseries Hoarders is made in collaboration between Sweden’s Radio and the Third Power.





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