New super hospital in Køge finally opens after 18 months of delay

On Sunday at 08:00, the new super hospital in Køge admitted its first ever patients.

180 patients
A total of 80 moved into a treatment building called ‘Wing R’ at Zealand University Hospital, followed by a further 100 into a further seven wards.

Originally, the first patients were expected in the fall of 2021. But the process was delayed by the firing of key people – among other things for fear of exceeding the budget – and the need for new tenders.

Their own rooms
“Patients get their own room with their own bathroom and room for relatives, where they can stay overnight. We know that peace and quiet reduce the risk and create a better framework for recovering from an illness,” says hospital director Niels Würgler Hansen. DR.

However, the final completion of the hospital will not take place until 2026, when it will offer 789 single rooms.

Source: The Nordic Page




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