Biden administration continues to cover up responsibility for destroying Nord Stream pipelines: Seymour Hersh

Biden administration continues to cover up responsibility for destroying Nord Stream pipelines: Seymour Hersh

After the recent visit of the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz In Washington, US and German intelligence services allegedly tried to spread false cover stories through the New York Times and Germany’s Die Zeit to counter the Hersh report. Since the Hersh bomb revelation, the Biden administration has gone to extremes, often re-revealing at great lengths to distract from the issue, from hot air balloons, UFOs, and the origin of Covid, to making up stories about private Ukrainians in sailboats diving in waters over 200 feet deep, planting hundreds of pounds of explosives and detonating them remotely.

Hersh’s sources in the intelligence community claim that President Biden has not ordered a thorough investigation into the case, possibly because he already knows the answer.

Energy expert Sarah Miller explained the significance of the pipe story in Germany and Western Europe. The destruction of Nord Stream 2 in September led to an increase in natural gas prices, which in October were 10 times the pre-crisis level. European governments are said to have spent up to 800 billion euros to protect households and businesses from the effects. The price of gas has since dropped to a quarter of the October peak, but they are still two to three times the pre-crisis level.

The Nord Stream 2 dispute came up again during Chancellor Scholz’s visit to Washington in early March. Hersh’s source, who had access to diplomatic intelligence, revealed that during Scholz’s visit there were discussions about exposing the pipeline, and certain parts of the CIA were asked to work with German intelligence to prepare a cover story for the American and German press.

“The agency’s intention was to ‘shock the system’ to try to debunk the allegation that Biden ordered the destruction of the pipelines,” Hersh’s source said.

With the Biden administration still denying responsibility for the destruction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and Sweden and Denmark refusing to conduct an independent investigation, the dispute remains unresolved. The alleged cover-up raises questions about transparency and accountability in both the US and Germany.


Source: The Nordic Page

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