Gifts galore when Den Blå Planet celebrates its 10th birthday today with guests in the late afternoon

Den Blå Planet celebrates its 10th birthday today, but instead of waiting for gifts, the aquarium is giving them out!

From 16:00, the Blue Planet mascot HIK will hand out special gifts to the first 500 children who enter the doors of the aquarium, which is located at Jacob Fortlingsvej 1 near the airport.

Meanwhile, the first 500 visitors to part of the afternoon tea will be offered a hot drink courtesy of SLOW Coffee, along with some birthday cake.

As an added bonus, online admission tickets visiting the aquarium between 16.00 and 21.00 is half price.

Treasure hunting, mini golf and jazz
Prezzies don’t stop at the entrance either. Free ice cream from Hansens Is will be given to the first 500 children who complete the special birthday treasure hunt.

Or maybe take part in the mini golf challenge and win some delicious treats provided by Simply Chocolate?

And if that doesn’t fill you up, head to Café Plankton for the special birthday menu – available for just DKK 179 from 5-8pm – while listening to live music by the Skodjazz jazz orchestra with Zentropa producer Peter Aalbæk, who in January announced his intention to soon to retire, on drums.

Special focus on the creatures!
During the day there will be activities galore, with lots of feeding and walks planned.

But perhaps the highlight of the evening will be the Mermaid Show at 8 p.m., where special focus will be placed on ten creatures that best represent the wide range of fish and animals that make up the aquarium.

Among the creatures celebrated are the Nile perch, yellowtail horse mackerel, hammerhead shark, spotted wobbegong, arapaima and sea otter.

Source: The Nordic Page




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