The Runner’s War – Death in Runner’s Paradise | part 2/5

The Runner’s War – Death in Runner’s Paradise |  part 2/5

In the fall of 2021, Agnes Tirop has just broken a world record and is a rising star, but life with her husband, who is also her coach, is described as isolated. At a race in Geneva, Agnes Tirop talks about divorce. A week or so later she is dead.

Meraf Batha goes from Sweden to Iten to train for the championship season. But it’s not like before. She is afraid. Another runner, Damaris Muthee Mutua, has been found dead.

The murder takes place just six months after Agnes Tirop was killed.

Runners are exploited by people in power

There have been rumors of exploitation and abuse of power in the running world for decades. Marathon star Mary Keitany believes the vast majority of Kenyan female runners have experienced this.

To have the chance to break through, you have to pay – with money or with your body, several runners say.

The running war is an investigative documentary series in five parts about doping, sexual exploitation and suspected murder in the shadow of sports giants. The series is a collaboration between Ekot, Radiosporten and P1 Dokumentär.

The Swedish running stars Mustafa Mohamed and Meraf Batha, as well as the Kenyan marathon star and world record holder Mary Keitany, among others, appear in the episode.

P1 Dokumentär has sought Agnes Tirop’s husband via his lawyer, but he has not answered the questions.

Of: Emelie Rosen
Reporters and research: Emelie Rosén and Alexander Lundholm
Producer: Ylva Lindgren
Final mix: Tor Sigvardson

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