HOT IN THE CITY: Eat, drink, love… where famous Danes choose to go out

RESTAURANT: Food review
While Berlingske has confirmed six-star delights of the Michelin star favorite Formel B in Frederiksberg, Politiken has snoozed it in comparison and visited Madanmeldelse, a new smørrebrød restaurant at Amager Boulevarden 129, which had “forgotten to take the food out of the fridge” well in advance of serving. Three stars was the verdict.

ART: Butterfly!
‘Butterfly!’ on Arken, a new exhibition curated by Esben Weile Kjær, recalls the 1990s in a “dark, grim and beautiful” way, according to Politiken critic Mathias Krygers. five star review. It runs until the end of the year.

THEATER: Miss Saigon
It may be sung in Danish, but many of the stars in ‘Miss Saigon’, which continues at Det Ny Teater until 7 May, have been specially recruited from Southeast Asia to give this musical the authenticity that other productions have missed. Crash courses in Danish have served them well, declares CPH Culture in its five stars review.

BAR: Liquor
Both Berlingske and the policy gave this new Italian wine bar in the old Carlsberg brewery district, an offering from the same team behind nearby sourdough pizzeria Surt, a solid four-star review. Located at Fadet 35, their most popular choice is from 95-135 kroner a glass, but they have many more bottles in the cellar.

FILM: The Fabelmans
Finally out today is the long-awaited Steven Spielberg film based on his own early life as an aspiring filmmaker. With a 84 rating on Metacritic, and seven Oscar nominations, it has been widely praised – definitely a safe bet for the whole family this weekend. As you would expect from Spielberg, its 150-minute running time is not short.

Source: The Nordic Page

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