HS: Coalition talks to move into difficult territory this week

HS: Coalition talks to move into difficult territory this week

“We have to move forward even on difficult issues, and I believe we will,” he told the newspaper.

Orpo stated on Friday that the negotiations have reached the halfway point regarding the workload. Riikka PurraThe chairman of the Basic Finns agreed with the assessment in principle, but reminded that the still unresolved issues are “clearly” more challenging.

“And it’s probably not surprising that you reach agreement on the easier questions first. For example, immigration is still very much a work in progress”, analyzed Bite.

He reiterated that the populist right-wing party will not join the ruling coalition, which does not implement clear changes to immigration policy. Orpo, on the other hand, reminded that the differences of opinion on issues such as climate and immigration have not come as a surprise and seem to open the door to concessions on issues such as immigration.

“The election results must be shown somewhere. They define the starting point for negotiations,” he said.

There are also unresolved questions in the field of social and health policy.

Purra revealed on Friday that the financial framework looted by the parties has been received differently in different negotiation groups, and most of the needs are related to social and health care. He estimated that the key position is to reduce the statutory responsibilities, but said he was confident that the negotiations would be successful.

Orpo repeated last week that the ruling coalition will not cancel the carbon neutrality goal set for 2035. The Swedish People’s Party has announced that it will join the government only if the coalition confirms its commitment to the goal in concrete terms. steps towards the target.

Purra, on the other hand, described the 2035 goal as a “very stupid” part of climate policy, but did not demand that it be changed or removed.

“If we decide to stick with this [target] because of political prestige, when the world around us is going in the opposite direction, of course we can’t do anything about it,” he commented to reporters.

Orpo announced that Purra has the right to his opinion.

“We share a consensus that we need to find [climate] measures that do not increase people’s daily costs or weaken Finland’s competitiveness. The parties have their own starting points, to which the working groups are looking for answers,” said Orpo.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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