Improvements to reporting the origin and traceability of meat in Helsinki restaurants

Improvements to reporting the origin and traceability of meat in Helsinki restaurants

63 restaurants participated in the study, from which a total of 120 samples were collected.

Salmonella was not found in the 44 Finnish meat samples examined. However, one foreign meat sample was found to be positive for salmonella. The positive sample was raw frozen chicken from Poland. No EHEC bacteria were detected.

For meat traceability, 74 percent of restaurants received an A rating, indicating compliance. Minor deficiencies (B rating) were found in 10 percent of establishments, while 16 percent received a C rating, indicating a need for improvement. Regarding the meat origin declaration, 55 percent of the restaurants followed the requirements, 24 percent of the B classification and 21 percent of the C classification. Remedial orders were issued to restaurants that received a C rating. The re-inspection concluded that the majority of operators (89 percent) had effectively corrected the identified deficiencies, which resulted in an A or B rating.

“Based on the results of the control project, there is still room for improvement in traceability and the information provided about food. Food industry operators are responsible for the traceability of their food and the information provided about it. cooking temperatures and careful handling hygiene are essential factors to consider in order to reduce the risk of food poisoning. For example, poultry should be cooked at a temperature above +75 °C , while other meats must be cooked at a temperature above +70 °C to ensure the destruction of pathogens such as salmonella,” the food inspector stated Maarit Lähdesmäki.

The Food Safety Authority regularly checks the traceability of foodstuffs, the information provided about them and hygiene issues. The results of restaurant inspections can be seen on the website


Source: The Nordic Page




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