HS: Helsinki Pride refuses to cooperate with Keskusta

HS: Helsinki Pride refuses to cooperate with Keskusta

He declined to comment on other partner choices, citing that they have yet to be announced. – The coalition has raised the issue, so I can only comment on this for the party, he explained to the newspaper.

On February 1, members of Parliament voted 113 in favor and 69 against.

Both the center and the coalition defined the vote as a matter of confidence and allowed their members to vote freely, despite the fact that the former belonged to the government coalition that drafted the bill. Both parties eventually received a third of the 69 no votes, 13 of which came from the center and 10 from the national coalition.

The National Coalition, on the other hand, was the only opposition party to vote in favor of the bill, with 26 of its 37 members doing so and ensuring that the bill was passed.

“The board of Helsinki Pride Community had a long and somewhat difficult discussion on the subject,” Kemppainen said. “The board stated that the trade has been so critical for our community that certain parties were not accepted as partners of the Helsinki Pride event due to their voting behavior.”

He added that the community hoped for unanimous support of the bill from the national coalition.

“Human rights are not matters of conscience. The national coalition has legislators who do great work for the rights of rainbow people. We were disappointed that the party did not make a collective decision on the matter, Kemppainen said.

Official partners can organize activities in connection with the event and gain visibility in public communication and the event. The Confederation has been one of the partners for many years.

The decision received sharp criticism from party members.

Daniel Sazonov The deputy mayor of Helsinki (NCP) described the decision on Twitter as confusing and sad, and claimed that it sends a questionable message about the requirements of supporting the event and its goals.

Katri ManninenSpecial Assistant to the National Coalition, announced that he will not participate in the march this year.

“I’m not going to sugarcoat this: I think it’s insulting and insulting to me and the members of the National Coalition who have worked for human rights and equality. I feel we are not qualified to speak for equality, he tweeted.

Ville-Veikko RantamaulaThe chairman of the center’s Helsinki district organization confirmed to Helsingin Sanomat that the center has also been excluded from the Helsinki Pride 2023 event. The decision to suspend cooperation came as a big shock to the party, which planned to participate this year as well. year.

“It seems that a select group is allowed to participate in an event that speaks for equality and non-discrimination,” he said.

Rantamaula considered that the decision was a step too far, if it was an attempt to punish the parties for dealing with the trade reform.

“This goes against all the values ​​and actions that encouraged us to participate in the event, but in the future we will not participate, even if the decision is overturned. That’s the way it is,” he declared.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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