Russia, cost of living and taxation as an obstacle to Finnish immigration

Russia, cost of living and taxation as an obstacle to Finnish immigration

In social matters, Finns see the cost of living and taxation as the primary obstacle to immigration, and 52 percent consider them obstacles.

“Finns believe that the overall combination of taxation and living standards does not attract immigrants to Finland. Instead, it makes potential newcomers wonder if Finland is the best possible destination for those looking for employment opportunities. Half of Finns consider the country’s tax system too strict,” said Sami MetelinenCEO of EVA who performed the performance analysis.

In 2021, Finland had the fifth highest tax rate among OECD countries with a tax burden of 43 percent, while the OECD average is 34 percent. In Finland, the cost of living was higher than the OECD average, while the average salary was lower than the OECD average in 2021.

Finns named Finnish nature, the safety and stability of society, the quality of the living environment, Finnish public services and social benefits, and the Finnish education system as factors that attract immigrants.

The results are based on the answers of 2,043 people, with a margin of error of 2-3 percentage points in both directions at the population level. The data was collected from 31 January to 13 February 2023. The respondents represented the entire country’s 18-79-year-old population, with the exception of Åland. The information was collected through an Internet panel maintained by Taloustutkimus Oy in a stratified random sample. The data were weighted to represent the population based on age, sex, area of ​​residence, education, occupation or position, industry, and political affiliation. Statistical analysis and result graphics were performed by Pentti Kiljunen (Yhdyskuntatutkimus Oy). The results, including detailed breakdowns by population group, can be found on the EVA website. EVA’s value and attitude surveys have been conducted since 1984.


Source: The Nordic Page

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