The EU’s brutal awakening about its dependence on China

The EU’s brutal awakening about its dependence on China

The topic when the EU’s foreign ministers met in Stockholm the other week was the sensitive relationship with China. Everyone seems to agree that it is complicated. Words like de-risking and de-coupling are buzzing around and within the EU there is now a big discussion about the way forward when it comes to China. The EU wants to minimize risk without decoupling itself. You want to be clear-sighted without being confrontational. People talk about China as a partner, competitor and rival at the same time. The EU is now developing a new economic security strategy to dial in and remove risks. But is it possible to reduce vulnerability and at the same time continue to trade with China to the same extent? The trade exchange between the EU and China amounts to SEK 26 million a day, stated Ursula von der Leyen recently.

Contributor: Susanne Palme, EU commentator. Björn Jerdén, director of the National Knowledge Center on China at the Institute for Foreign Policy.
Program manager: Caroline Salzinger
Producer: Therese Rosenvinge





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