The national museum days in Helsinki start tomorrow

The national museum days in Helsinki start tomorrow

The Museum Days program includes topical speeches, panel discussions and the 100th annual meeting of the Museum Association. The meeting and party will be held at Paasitorni in Hakaniemi, Helsinki.

The expert speeches and discussions at Museum Days focus on the future of museums. The versatile program also includes thematic group work, which enables an in-depth discussion of different perspectives on the future of museums.

The keynote speaker on the first day is museum scientist Bruno Brulon Soares, who talks about museums in the midst of significant global changes. Brulon Soares also explores the new museum definition created by ICOM, an organization in which he played a significant role. Museology professor Dr. Leena PaaskoskiProfessor of European History Laura Kolbeand Tommi LaitioThe city of Helsinki’s leisure culture and leisure director, participates in a joint discussion about the future of museums based on short presentations.

Thursday’s program begins with a thought-provoking talk by Associate Partner Loic Tallon, who challenges our perceptions of museums and digital services. Museums will also have their voices heard when the possibilities and importance of digitization in the development of museum services are clarified.

The museum days culminate on Thursday, May 25 at the Museum Awards Gala starting at 19:00. The finalists for the Museum of the Year 2023 award are Kuopio Museum, Play Museum, Mobilia – Car and Road Museum and Riihisaari – Savonlinna Museum. In addition, the Communication Award and the Museum Card special award will be awarded.

On Friday, May 26, Museum Days participants will have the opportunity to get to know Helsinki’s history and present day through study tours. These excursions include a day trip at sea on the historic coastal ship m/aux Astrid and a visit to the historic Suomenlinna.


Source: The Nordic Page




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