Thousands miss out on applying for national pension: Kela takes measures to support eligible customers

Thousands miss out on applying for national pension: Kela takes measures to support eligible customers

Kela regularly inspects low-income pensioners who may be entitled to a national pension, but have not applied for it. During the last inspection, 7,066 customers meeting the criteria were found. The goal of this annual registry search is to ensure that individuals receive their rights financially, which will improve their overall well-being in retirement.

In 2021, a similar register search found 3,557 customers who could have received a national pension. About 1,600 of them were granted the national pension they earned as a result of Kela’s support work. This shows the importance of raising awareness and providing assistance to those who may not be aware of their rights.

This year, the contacts are mainly 65-year-old people. However, younger disability pensioners are also part of Kela’s efforts to ensure that no one eligible for support falls through the cracks.

When Kela identifies a customer in its registers who appears to be entitled to a national pension, the institution contacts and gives instructions on how to apply for the benefit. This can be done in OmaKela’s online service, by phone or by letter. Kela’s benefits manager Pirjo Raute says that the national pension is often not applied for, because he has already applied for an earnings pension before the age of 65. Since then, the national pension in the form of an old-age pension. cannot be received before the age of 65, individuals can ignore the need to apply.

It is important to note that not all customers identified through the register search are necessarily entitled to a national pension. This may be due to other sources of pension income, such as pensions from other countries, about which Kela may not receive information directly from the payer.

National pension can provide additional income to a pensioner living alone, who receives employment pension and other pensions, up to a maximum of 1,512.37 euros per month. The income limit for spouses or pensioners living with a spouse is 1,355.29 euros per month.

In addition, pensioners can receive a guaranteed pension. The guaranteed pension ensures that a person living in Finland receives a monthly pension of at least 922.42 euros if his pension income before taxes falls below 914.96 euros per month. On the other hand, the income limit and the amount of the minimum pension are lower for those persons who have chosen early retirement for their old-age pension.

Receiving a national pension, even if its amount seems modest, can significantly affect the everyday life of low-income people. As financial difficulties persist, pensioners are encouraged to investigate other possible benefits they may be entitled to, such as pensioner housing allowance or pensioner care allowance. If these benefits, along with the national pension, are not enough to cover necessary living and living expenses, you can apply for basic income support from Kela, which is the last option when all other possible benefits have been clarified.

Kela’s commitment to proactively reaching customers entitled to the national pension reflects its commitment to ensuring that all Finnish citizens receive the financial support they deserve in their retirement years. By raising awareness and providing assistance, Kela aims to improve the financial well-being and quality of life of pensioners throughout the country.


Source: The Nordic Page




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