Finnish innovation leaders establish an international innovation community

Finnish innovation leaders establish an international innovation community

Innovation leaders strive to increase dialogue and information sharing

Regardless of industry or organizational size, innovation leaders face similar challenges in their companies. Therefore, there is a clear need for open and confidential dialogue and the sharing of practices, models and experiences – both successes and challenges. Companies also have a pressing need to attract more innovation professionals and develop a culture of innovation and internal entrepreneurship. All of this requires increasing awareness and appreciation of the industry.

“Finnish companies have traditionally been successful with strong design expertise. We want to supplement it with an experimental innovation culture and systematically managed innovation activities. We also want to promote an open dialogue with company managers and owners about how investment in innovation can strengthen product and service development, and create opportunities for growth and business renewal. Innovation activities is also in a key position in order to better anticipate the changes brought about by megatrends and global phenomena,” he emphasizes Antero KivikoskiChairman of the board of the Innovation Practitioners Community.

I am looking for strategic partnerships with companies and organizations

This year, IPC will focus on establishing strategic partnerships with innovative companies and educational institutions. At the same time, the organization has an international perspective from the beginning, the goal of which is to look beyond national borders. IPC aims to act as a compass for domestic innovation activities, learning from global best practices and models to activate innovations in Finnish companies and presenting the Finnish innovation landscape internationally.

The community platform is expected to start in early 2024, when IPC can share innovation information with all people working on innovation in organizations, for example through podcasts and visits, and involve professionals from different fields in discussions.

“In the area of ​​innovation expertise, things are constantly developing, which is why constant sharing of experiences and perspectives is a prerequisite for adopting new ones. Information spreads faster through a peer network – and all companies benefit from it,” Kivikoski emphasizes.

The founding of the Innovation Practitioners Community reflects a proactive approach to the challenges faced by Finnish companies in a rapidly changing business environment. By promoting cooperation, information sharing and an international perspective, the community’s goal is to ignite a new spirit of innovation and promote Finland’s competitiveness worldwide.


Source: The Nordic Page




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