It happens if the US goes bankrupt

It happens if the US goes bankrupt

If the parties in the US Congress do not agree on the US state budget before June 1, the country may be forced to suspend its payments.

Hear Ekonomikots Johan Anderberg tell about how this situation arose, what the president of the United States Joe Biden can do to get around the problem – and about the global economic disaster that risks occurring if no settlement is reached.

Guest: Johan Anderberg, reporter at Ekonomiekot

Host: Robin Olin

Producer: Karl Kadhammar

With audio from: Sky News Australia, CBS News, Smithsonian Magazine, KNBC, AP, ABC News, The New York Times, CNBC, TV4 and YouTube channels Reagan Library, MCamericanpresident, Koos Jansen, Hunterhttpthompson and Sterling Rutherford.

Contact: [email protected]


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