She is Sweden’s unknown princess in Jordan

She is Sweden’s unknown princess in Jordan

The dark truth that overshadows the wedding

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are on their way to Jordan to attend a wedding. Behind the euphoria and festivities hides a family feud that split the Jordanian royal family.

In a video sent to the BBC, the king’s half-brother, Prince Hamza, makes a statement that causes confusion and fear throughout the country. The rift within the Jordanian royal family is surprising the world and changing the image of Jordan as the most conflict-free country in the Middle East.

The Monarchs is a podcast with Titti Schultz and Ebba Kleberg von Sydow about the Swedish royal house and European monarchy.

Guest: Cecilia Uddén, Middle East correspondent for Sweden’s Radio

Producer: Louise Malmberg

Research: Nina Sjöman

With audio from: Summer in P1, Guardian News, PBS NewsHour





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