Denmark wants to legalize abortion for 15-year-olds without parental consent

Pushback in the Danish Parliament
The legal age in Denmark is already 15, Bjerre believes, as is the age limit for consent to treatment in the health care system.

As it stands, girls aged 15-17 can legally have an abortion, but not without their parents’ permission.

But not everyone is on board with the government’s plans.

While Enhedslisten, Socialist Folkeparti, Moderates and Conservatives have expressed support, there is opposition from large parts of the blue bloc.

The Danish People’s Party, New Citizens and the Danish Democrats are all against lowering the age limit.

“We are talking about children. These are 15 to 16-year-old girls. When something is so important and difficult in a girl’s life, I think most people would agree that parents should be involved.” This is what Susie Jessen, political spokesperson for the Danish Democrats, tells DR Nyheder.

The post Denmark wants to legalize abortion for 15-year-olds without parental consent, appeared first on The Copenhagen Post.

Source: The Nordic Page

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