The Danish Health Authority wants alcohol-free introductions at schools

Gone until September
In an open letter to schoolscalls on the Danish Health Authority for school leaders to make the first two months of upper secondary school alcohol-free.

The Danish Health Authority recommends that all intro-related events, parties and trips organized by schools until the end of September must be alcohol-free – an initiative that includes all age groups.

The letter also emphasizes the importance of schools reaching out to discuss the issue with parents of students.

According to recent statistics, 24 percent of men and 14 percent of women aged 16-24 drink more than ten each week.

In addition to the Danish Health Authority, the open letter is also signed by the school organizations Danske Erhvervsskoler and Danske Gymnasier.

The entry The Danish Health Authority wants alcohol-free introductions at schools appeared first on The Copenhagen Post.

Source: The Nordic Page

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