The new esplanades will soon open to the townspeople

The new esplanades will soon open to the townspeople

There are already significant changes on the esplanades, as the expansion of the areas, the installation of new paving stones, the construction of borders and the implementation of storm water channels are nearing their final stages. Raised wooden structures have been installed along the northern Esplanade, to which ramps will soon be added to ensure accessibility. The planting and installation work of various pieces of furniture will continue for the next couple of weeks.

The bicycle path of the southern Esplanade has already been completed with added street art, and its opening to cyclists is now awaiting the completion of the traffic light arrangements. The new cycle path not only provides additional space for pedestrians, but also creates a more pleasant traffic environment as the cycle path is moved further from the park to the former car lane.

The success of the projects is evaluated by the following factors, such as the number of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, changes in traffic patterns and flow, and effects on maintenance and freight traffic. In addition, the evaluation measures the public’s perception of the new pedestrian areas, taking into account, among other things, comfort and liveliness.

The experiment is also evaluated from the point of view of commercial vitality and business development in the area. Evaluating the impact on local shops and other businesses provides valuable insights into the overall success of the project.

The goal behind these trials is the city’s commitment to improving walking conditions in the city center. Decisions related to these changes have been made through the city’s established decision-making processes, ensuring a holistic and inclusive approach.

The eagerly awaited opening of Helsinki’s renewed Esplanadi is just around the corner. The completion of these experimental improvements will provide city residents with even better walking, cycling and leisure opportunities in the heart of the city. As the project nears its final stage, it is carefully monitored and evaluated to assess its success and determine its impact on aspects ranging from traffic patterns to commercial viability. Read more about the new walking, cycling and leisure areas in the city centre here (In Finnish).


Source: The Nordic Page




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