Expensive food often leads to unhealthy choices, according to research

Vaasan studied the spending habits of Finns three times during 2022, the most recent study was conducted in March 2023. Uncertainty about their own financial situation can be seen in the results throughout the past year. In the spring of 2022, 35% of respondents stated that they would at least consider their grocery shopping carefully. This spring, the corresponding figure had risen to 41 percent. In the December survey, 42% of those who consider their purchases carefully felt that they have to make unhealthy food choices several times a week, and now that number has risen to 48%.

“When the price tag determines the contents of the shopping basket, one can unwittingly drift into a less healthy diet. This means eating food that produces calories but does not necessarily contain enough nutrients. We have a duty to remind Finns of the importance of healthy food for their well-being and to offer affordable, nutritious and easy options”, says Minna Cousinsbusiness manager, Vaasan.

Choosing nutritious options is the best way to get value for money when shopping for food.

You don’t have to completely revamp your grocery shopping to ensure an intake of nutrient-rich food. The easiest way to make a change is to shift the basis of everyday meals towards healthier choices. According to survey responses, packaged bread is a staple food for Finns and still belongs in shopping baskets, even if more attention is paid to prices: 83% of respondents estimate that they will continue their bread consumption for the next six months. By choosing whole grain bread, you can get many important nutrients and get the best value for your money. According to Vaasan’s sales data, the share of fiber-rich and whole grain bread has even increased despite the tightening economic situation.

Nutritious food is also beneficial for the environment, because the resources needed for food production are best utilized when they are used to make highly nutritious food.


Source: The Nordic Page





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