EU CTO: Draft voluntary AI code to be drafted within weeks

EU CTO: Draft voluntary AI code to be drafted within weeks

BRUSSELS, Belgium: EU technology chief Margrethe Vestager has said a draft artificial intelligence (AI) code of conduct could be drawn up within weeks, allowing the computer industry to commit to a final proposal “very, very soon”, as reported by Reuters .

Comparing it to the risks of pandemics or nuclear war, some EU lawmakers and many in the industry have expressed concern about AI, especially content-creating generative AI, such as ChatGPT.

The U.S. and EU should push for a voluntary code to provide protections while new laws are developed, Vestager said, stressing, “Generative AI is a complete game changer.”

“Everybody knows this is the next powerful thing. So in the next few weeks we will be putting forward a draft code of conduct for AI,” she said, adding that she hoped there would be a final proposal “very, very soon” that the industry can sign up to, according to Reuters.

Watermarking, external audits and other controls may be included in the code, she later tweeted.

The EU’s AI law, which regulates facial recognition and biometric surveillance, is still going through the legislative process.

“At best, it will take effect in two and a half to three years. It is obviously far too late. We have to act now,” Vestager told reporters in Sweden.

This month, G7 leaders called for the adoption of technical standards to keep AI “trustworthy,” as well as international discussions on related topics, such as governance, copyright, transparency and disinformation.