Омбудсманът ще удари Семейния съд след критики

Омбудсманът ще удари Семейния съд след критики

The Ombudsman intends to dig a ballot of the Family Court’s case processing times.

Това пише Politiken.

The reaction from the Parliamentary Ombudsman comes after widespread criticism that the new divorce reform has not made it easier for children or parents.

It shows a report from Vive, the National Research and Analysis Center for Welfare, which was published earlier this week.

The conclusion is that parents have become more dissatisfied with how the authorities handle their cases of visitation, residence and custody.

The purpose of the reform was, among other things, to help the families handle the collaboration and have a better everyday life, but this has not happened, the study reads.

And now a worried ombudsman intends to have the case processing times turned upside down, writes Politiken.

It involves thousands of conflict-filled divorce cases.

These are first and foremost the cases where a court has granted one parent supervised contact with a common child. It is typically the father, the newspaper writes.

Ombudsman Niels Fenger fears that the practice has been that it can take up to five and six months from sentencing until the Family Court gives the fathers the contact they are entitled to.

According to Politiken, the ombudsman describes his concern in his opening letter to the Family Court.

– It can take a long time from a verdict on supervised visitation until this visitation is commenced.

On that basis, I ask the Family Court to account for how the Family Court in practice implements the judgments handed down by the Family Court and the High Court, the ombudsman writes according to the newspaper.

He also requests detailed statistics, inventories and information on specific cases and case processing times.

1515 parents answered the aforementioned survey from Vive before the divorce reform and 1589 parents answered after the reform.

63 percent of parents state after the reform that the process has been too long. Before the reform, it was 50 percent.

As part of the reform, the State Administration was replaced by an authority called the Family Court, which was to ensure focus on the children’s interests.

A survey from this year shows that 51 percent of the parents “completely disagree” that during the process in the Family Court they have had a better collaboration. That share was 41 percent in 2019.

Minister of Social Affairs and the Interior Astrid Krag (S) has previously called the results of the investigation “tragic” to Politiken.

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