Искам да видя Тайландската усмивка: Педер Густафсон

Искам да видя Тайландската усмивка: Педер Густафсон

Bangkok, Friday.

Thais are the friendly and smiling people, at least in advertising. But the reality is something completely different. Especially after a new wave of covid-19 infection has hit the country. By the turn of the year, Thailand had survived the pandemic fairly well thanks to strict restrictions on mobility and almost closed borders. Now we in Thailand have seen an increase in the number of infections and deaths and it has made the usually smiling Thais reach completely new levels of depression and depression.

This shows one large health survey conducted by a university in Bangkok and presented in the local press this week. The questionnaire, which was answered online, contained questions about how people feel and what their views are on the pandemic and how they think they and the authorities have acted. When asked how they feel when they follow updates on the covid-19 situation, close to 83 percent of those who answered said that they feel depressed by all the information they receive.

No wonder considering the kind of information the Thai covid-19 administration center has been sending out lately. Last week, the center published information with the headline; “Management of the body of a person who has died of Covid 19″. A not too uplifting headline. The text reads that “The Center for COVID-19 Administration has revealed that secretions from the bodies of people who have died from COVID-19 can still spread the virus to others, even after the patient has passed away. So the infected corpse should be handled properly to prevent the spread of the virus. ” Then follow a series of guidelines for how to handle the body. Among other things, you should put it in double body bags and tape all the seams enough again.

Като се има предвид това the Thai authorities have long said that everything is under control and no one needs to worry about getting infected, to get the call to have body bags at home, it is no wonder that 83 percent of Thais feel depressed.

Many Thais have responded to this information. The comments are many on the authority’s social media. Everything from calls for the authorities, who often complain about how citizens express themselves on social media, should think for themselves about how to express themselves. Others ask questions about where to get body bags and if you can cremate remains at home during the pandemic. One comment was straightforward. Please get a communicator who does not scare the people.

A completely different call which has caused at least as much attention and created a great deal of anger is the ban issued by the authorities of the province of Surat Thani, which includes popular tourist destinations such as Koh Samui, Koh Phangnan and Koh Tao. There, it is now forbidden to drink alcohol in groups of two or more people, at home and in other places. Anyone who violates the ban can be fined up to 2 years in prison and the equivalent of SEK 10,500.

So you see, these are tough times for the Thais. I really hope that the planned rollout of vaccines will gain momentum in Thailand, because I’m really starting to worry about the mental illness the Thais are feeling due to the pandemic and would like to see “The Thai smile” again soon.


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