Победа срещу насилието на банди с мека тактика

Победа срещу насилието на банди с мека тактика

Conflict recently did an episode on harsher punishments. But in the background, a more low-intensity fight is going on with soft methods.

We visit the boxing club Fight For Zero in Vällingby, where several of the guys know someone who was shot to death. Now the teenagers get homework help and are trained to help others away from crime themselves.

We meet 22-year-old Munir, who has just been released from a high-security prison. He has been in and out of institutions since he began his criminal career as a 13-year-old. What could have stopped him in time? Maybe a summer job.

A popular movement against gang violence

It’s the little things that make a difference, says police chief Carin Götblad. She has followed developments over time and is now calling for a popular movement against crime.

But soft methods can also backfire – we remember the worst trips to the West Indies when young criminals mutinied. Now the organization Fryshuset’s defector operations are being examined. Are there limits to how close you can work to a criminal environment?

And then we hear the researcher and the police in Barcelona where they managed to slow down the violence by enlisting the help of gangs like the Latin Kings.

Cast: Henok Alem, boxing trainer and co-founder of Fight for Zero, Carin GötbladChief Constable NoA, 22 years old Мунир, May Pettersonknowledge area manager at Fryshuset, Carles Feixa professor of anthropology and leader of the Trans-Gang project in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Cesar AndradeLatin King gang member, Lluis Paradellpolice officer with responsibility for intelligence about gangs and terrorist crimes.

Водещ: Лотен Колин
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Продуцент: Улрика Бергквист
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Reporter: Tilda Johansson

Техник: Якоб Густавсон


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