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  • Simple steps to create a cosmopolitan and comforting Norwegian B&B

    Travelers to Norway seek the simplified Scandinavian design with a hint of familiarity. While most international visitors love the idea of ​​cozy, the English translation of cozy doesn’t do it justice. It is a word that can only be explained through experiencing it. But with elegant modernity, more travelers are seeking a bit of the […]

  • How to find storage space in Norway

    In some cases, storage space can be smart, or perhaps absolutely necessary. If you have some things that you need to store, then it is a good idea to find a warehouse near where your things can be safe for a period of time. It can be in connection with moving, renovating, building a home, […]

  • Norway for first-time visitors

    Is it time for you to book your summer holiday? Forget the scorching beaches and sweaty towels. We have found a new destination for you. It is time to visit Norway, the land of fjords and mountains. A place to enjoy nature, rich culture and unforgettable hospitality. Where should you start? With an abundance of […]

  • You should use your credit card for this

    There are divided opinions when it comes to whether you should have, and not least use, a credit card. It can be difficult to make up your own mind about this when you hear so many different things from different sources, but there is some pretty average advice that covers almost everyone, and you’ll get […]

  • Online casino, books or sudoku – what is the best break entertainment?

    Everyday life contains many small moments where we mostly just end up looking at our mobile. But what if we could use these different moments to rather enjoy something with a little more substance – so that we can get more out of everyday life, and not least get more productive breaks where we feel […]

  • Norway is among the world’s top 10 most sustainable fashion-conscious countries

    New research reveals that Norway is one of the world’s top 10 most sustainable fashion-conscious countries. New research from JeweleryBox took a look at consumers’ interest in sustainable clothing to reveal which countries are leading the way in demanding more sustainable solutions in the fashion industry. The researchers wanted to find out which countries are […]

  • How to get control of your personal finances

    Getting control of your personal finances is not always easy. If you have first lost track, it can be difficult to regain control, and it can also be uncomfortable to have to dive deep into your own bank statements. Although it may seem both uncomfortable and difficult, it is important to have control and we […]

  • Police increase terror threat level after shooting in Oslo

    The police intelligence service, PST, raises the terrorist threat from ordinary to extraordinary level. Zaniar Matapour (42), an Iranian Norwegian, is charged with the murders and terrorist charges after the shooting in central Oslo. He has previously been convicted of several offenses and is known to PST. – PST considers the shooting in Oslo as […]

  • Shooting near gay clubs in Oslo: Police are investigating it as a terrorist attack

    Several people were shot in the same area in central Oslo last night. Two people have been confirmed dead and one person has been arrested. Police are investigating the attacks as terror. In addition, several people are injured. At least 21 people receive treatment from the health service, reports NRK. Ten people are seriously injured, […]

  • 3 smart ways to invest money

    We know that it can be difficult to decide how to invest your savings to not only place them in a safe place, but also to ensure that they do not lose value. Investing is not always just about returns and profits, but it is also about making sure that the money keeps earning as […]

  • The Norwegian government is seeking the Storting’s approval for Swedish and Finnish NATO membership

    The Government today requested the consent of the Storting to ratify the NATO Accession Protocols for Finland and Sweden. – We will do our utmost to ensure a quick accession process, said Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt. “Norway welcomes Sweden’s and Finland’s decision to apply for NATO membership. NATO is a defense alliance. The Nordic countries […]

  • The Council of Baltic Sea States holds its first ministerial meeting in nine years

    – The war in Ukraine has made it all the more important for the remaining members of the council to meet, said Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt. Foreign Minister Huitfeldt convened a meeting of the members of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) 24-25. May. This is the first CBSS ministerial meeting in nine […]

  • Are you considering trying a lunch box?

    This article contains ads. Are you one of those people who finds it difficult to come up with new healthy dishes for dinner? And do you have trouble finding recipes that appeal to the whole family? Then you should try a lunch box. Here we explain how the lunch box can do wonders for your […]

  • Why has the online casino industry flourished in recent years?

    If you know anything about online casinos, you will know that this industry has had a boom in recent years. This industry was relatively new and unknown until now. We now have an online casino industry that seems to be growing almost exponentially. But why is the online casino industry doing so well? Let’s take […]

  • Norwegian companies and organizations donate digital equipment to Ukraine

    “Being able to communicate with loved ones by phone or via the internet is crucial for temporarily disposed citizens in Norway and for people who are still in Ukraine. I am therefore very happy that Norwegian companies and organizations donate mobile phones and other equipment through this fundraising campaign, says Minister of Local Government and […]

  • Do Live Casino Games Require Different Strategies?

    Live Casino is a variant of online gaming that is reminiscent of both regular casinos and online casinos. Here you get the opportunity to try out the classic casino games such as BlackJack, Roulette, Poker and Baccarat. The live games usually play in the same way as they do at the casino. Therefore, it is […]

  • North Korean hackers target journalists with GOLDBACKDOOR malware

    It has recently been revealed that APT37, a North Korean cyber espionage group, has used advanced malicious software to steal information from a private computer owned by a former South Korean intelligence service. The government-backed espionage group used the so-called Goldbackdoor malware with the intention of stealing sensitive information from carefully selected targets. It is […]

  • Then Norwegians like to play sports

    Being interested in sports is something we see all over the world, but something you quickly find out if you move to Norway, is that this is a country where sports really have a big place in our culture. This is not so strange when you consider how big Norway is as a nation when […]