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  • The government apologizes for previous treatment of homosexuals by the Norwegian authorities

    On 21 April 2022, it is 50 years since the Storting repealed section 213 of the Penal Code, which had criminalized sexual relations between men. Between 1902 and 1950, 119 men were convicted of having sexual intercourse with another man. “About 119 people were criminalized and punished for the one they loved. These men endured […]

  • Here are the rules that apply to online games in Norway

    Many people want to play online in Norway, because it is a fun and easy way to be entertained. There are an infinite number of games out there, and most of them have probably tried themselves. Some that are especially popular are the online casinos. There are most gambling games for everyone, but what are […]

  • Why are betting apps so popular among Norwegian bettors?

    Online sports betting has become a major industry worldwide. Betting on sports has always been a popular activity to do besides watching a sporting event. Horse racing has always been among the most popular betting sports, in addition to football and ice hockey. Before online sports betting was possible, you had to go to a […]

  • Norway supplies an air defense system to Ukraine

    -The conflict may drag on, and Ukraine is dependent on international support to resist Russian aggression. The Norwegian government has therefore decided to donate Mistral air defense to Ukraine, says Minister of Defense Bjørn Arild Gram. -Mistral air defense system is an effective weapon used by the Navy. The system will be of great benefit […]

  • Norway introduces long-term COVID-19 strategy to normalize everyday life

    The pandemic is now in another phase, but we must continue to live with COVID-19. The Norwegian government has prepared a strategy and contingency plan for the further handling of the pandemic, and is following the situation closely. Good monitoring, good plans and vaccination are critical factors for living with COVID-19 in the future. The […]

  • This is the Norwegian gambling culture

    The Norwegian gambling culture has gone through an exciting journey. From not taking part in gambling as a country, then to introducing slot machines, and to largely banning it once again. Despite some strict rules, we love to gamble in this country, and we have built up a culture where betting on sports, lottery draws […]

  • Zelensky to Norway: Russia will destroy common democratic values

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a video-broadcast speech to parliamentarians and members of the government on Wednesday, March 30. – This is a crucial moment in European history, where the fundamental values ​​of democracy are again threatened by the brutality of tyranny. This is how President of the Storting Masud Gharahkhani (Labor Party) opened. […]

  • New sanctions against Russia incorporated into Norwegian law

    “It is important to continue to put pressure on President Putin and the individuals and entities who benefit most from and support his regime. We have now also included the latest package of sanctions from the EU in Norwegian law. We are introducing sanctions together with the EU and other countries to ensure that they […]

  • Economics expert worried about increased electricity prices: Believes these are at risk of taking out consumer loans

    Now food, electricity, fuel, building materials and interest rates are becoming an expensive item for us. So far this fall, parts of the country have been marked by a strong purchases in electricity pricesand the graph is constantly pointing upwards as we enter a colder season. In addition, a Norway rich in oil is experiencing […]

  • Foreign filming in Norway

    It’s big for little Norway when the biggest movie stars come to the country to make box office successes. Whether it’s Tom Cruise who wants to shoot a new Mission Impossible movie or Matt Damon’s projects. Only these two major players have laid back values ​​of over one billion kroner, the reimbursement amount was NOK […]

  • The best Michelin restaurants in the world casinos

    Every food lover dreams of eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant during their lifetime. They are world famous for having wonderful food, which is really meant to be enjoyed. The experience at these restaurants is usually fantastic in itself, but if you are looking for something a little extra special, then there are casinos with Michelin […]

  • Norway to receive Ukrainian refugees from Moldova and assist with medical evacuation

    In response to a request from Moldova, the Norwegian government has agreed to help the country by bringing Ukrainian refugees from Moldova to Norway. In addition, Norway will transport Ukrainian refugees who need medical assistance to Norwegian hospitals for treatment. At this stage, the government plans to bring 5,250 Ukrainian refugees to Norway under various […]

  • Investment in companies

    If you are thinking about investing in companies, it is a good idea to have some prior knowledge of what it means to make such an investment. There are several different ways to invest, and no matter what kind of industry or company you are considering investing in, it is important to have a good […]

  • Consumer loans on the day, is it possible?

    When it comes to consumer loans and other unsecured loans, there are many options. It is possible to get a consumer loan on the day – but the money will not stand on account the same day. What is a consumer loan? A consumer loan is a flexible loan without security, where the banks do […]

  • The Russian embassy in Norway will be located on Ukraine’s site in Oslo

    The part of the street outside the Russian embassy in Oslo will be called “Ukraine’s Square”. The city council changed the name of the street as a protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Today, the city council in Frogner in Oslo voted to give a new name to Drammensveien, where the Russian embassy is […]

  • The best casino bonuses for mobile

    There are many who like to play casino games, and playing on mobile is becoming more and more popular. Because of this, there are many more opportunities today for those who like to play on their mobile, both when it comes to the platform, games and not least bonuses. There are many sites that list […]

  • Game development in Norway is moving forward

    The gaming industry in Norway has slowed down and it does not seem to stagnate right away. The Korona situation has contributed to the game development in Norway moving forward. Most people in this country have found alternative ways to entertain themselves, and have almost implemented this in their routine. Among other things, casino games […]

  • Reasons to Visit Ontario

    Ontario is a province in Canada that seems to have a lot to offer. This beautiful part of the nation is full of an abundance of activities, landscapes and heritage that make it a great place to come at any season for a fun vacation. In this post, we’ll look at some of the main […]