Die finnisch-schwedische Leichtathletik muss sich in Tampere weiterentwickeln

Die finnisch-schwedische Leichtathletik muss sich in Tampere weiterentwickeln

The board of the Finnish Amateur Sports Association (SUL) has decided that the annual Finland-Sweden Athletics Association will continue as planned this year in Tampere on the weekend of 5-6 September.

Travel between Finland and Sweden has been restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Finland still considers its neighbor a high-risk country.

A working group of the Ministry of Education and Culture, which examines admission criteria and procedures for special groups in emergencies, supported the association’s request to release the Swedish team’s current entry restrictions and quarantine practices.

“The ministry went through the security plan for the incident and supported SUL’s request for an exemption, but set conditions for the arrangements. The event must be organized in accordance with the conditions laid down,” CEO of SUL Harri Aalto wrote on the association’s website. “However, if the position of the authorities changes in the organization of the event, we will respect the decision.”

Projektmanager Pipa Turvanen the ministry of employment and business told Yle that her ministry had also given the green light to continue the event.

“Like football players, athletes are also treated as a special group. When health safety risks are minimized, athletes participating in the Finland-Sweden international match can enter the country. This requires compliance with specific health security procedures,” Turvanen said.

Coronavirus tests and daily flights for the Swedisgh team

The conditions set by the ministry include a requirement for the Swedish team to fly to Finland on a charter flight on both days of the event and not to stay in the area overnight. The flights are scheduled to arrive at Pirkkala Airport, which is located about 15 kilometers from the center of Tampere. From there, the team will be taken directly to Ratina Stadium and then back to the airport.

“The ministry also demanded that the athletes and staff members of the Swedish team perform a coronavirus test no more than 72 hours before arriving in Finland. The test result must be negative. A person with respiratory or other flu symptoms may not participate in an international match,” Aalto says.

The safety of Ratina Stadium spectators has also been carefully considered, Aalto added.

“There are a limited number of tickets on sale and safety distances are ensured with empty benches. Each area has its own entrance, toilets and a point of sale.” Aalto said.

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