Junger Mann wegen Vergewaltigung im Wohnheim angeklagt

Junger Mann wegen Vergewaltigung im Wohnheim angeklagt

A young man has been charged with raping a young woman in Copenhagen on Saturday night.

On Sunday, a judge in the Copenhagen City Court found that there is a basis for remanding the man in custody for four weeks.

This is stated by the central head of investigation at the Copenhagen Police.

The custody has taken place on the basis of a well-founded suspicion against the man. In addition, there are certain reasons to believe that he will complicate the investigation into the case.

According to Ekstra Bladet, the rape must have taken place on Saturday night in a dormitory room in Frederiksberg.

The accused man is, according to the newspaper, 19 years old, while the victim is a woman who is younger.

According to the indictment, the man must have dragged the woman to a bed and with violence or threats of violence forced her to have intercourse. It must have happened even though the woman, according to the indictment, shouted “no” and “stop” several times.

Ekstra Bladet’s article on the rape case

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