Finnland veröffentlicht eine englische Version der Corona-Alarmanwendung

Finnland veröffentlicht eine englische Version der Corona-Alarmanwendung

The Finnish coronavirus alert application Koronavilkku is now available in English. The Android version was released on Tuesday, and the iOS app will be on Apple’s App Store on Wednesday.

The Finnish and Swedish versions of the application were released last month. Aleksi Yrttiaho According to the Department of Health and Welfare’s THL, improving the user interface took some time.

"I have not heard of the problems with the English version, we just need to make sure that the texts are correct and comprehensible, accessible and accurate also medically," said Yrttiaho. "So it takes a few times to translate and check it, to translate and check it so that it is correct."

Huawei version on the way

According to a THL expert, the agency hopes that foreign and Swedish speakers will have access to the application, as well as two million users who have already downloaded the Finnish and Swedish versions.

"I don’t have it on, but I know there are a couple hundred thousand people whose mother tongue is something other than Finnish or Swedish. We hope that we can get those people to download the app as well and use it as much as the Finnish population," Herbalia said.

According to Yrttiaho, it is no surprise that 40 percent of people living in Finland have decided to download the application. "First, we are number one in the digital economy index, so we are a nation full of technically savvy people for whom using apps and apps and accessing smartphones is a part of our daily lives."

He added that people in Finland also talk about great trust in the authorities and good community spirit. He urged people to download the new English version and added that it is likely to provide a better user experience "the Finnish- and Swedish-speaking population has smoothed out most of the small gifts."

A new version for Huawei devices is still pending and will likely be released later this fall.

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