LO-Vorsitzender: Wenn wir ein gutes Angebot bekommen, sind wir Teil der Lösung

LO-Vorsitzender: Wenn wir ein gutes Angebot bekommen, sind wir Teil der Lösung

The Center Party hopes that LO will change and join the reading agreement, which both the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and PTK have agreed to. But according to LO’s chairman Susanna Gideonsson, it would require new negotiations, as they have already been concluded. At the same time, she now gives an opening.

– If we get a good enough offer then we are always part of the solution, says Susanna Gideonsson.

LO’s chairman was last night to meet the Minister of Labor Eva Nordmark, who invited the social partners to inquire about the situation after the las negotiations broke down last week. LO rejected the final bid, while the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and PTK said yes.

As the parties have failed to agree, there may now be legislation based on the investigation whose consultation round ends on Monday.

– What has been negotiated for several weeks, it is much better in many respects, but there are a couple of crucial knots that make us unable to say yes, says Susanna Gideonsson.

What can become Gideonsson does not know today the final solution to the dispute over the rules of the game in the Swedish labor market. Center leader Annie Lööf has previously said that she hopes that LO will change.

– LO has parked outside, but I hope that there is a force within LO, that they also want to come back and end up behind the main agreement that they have actually been involved in and developed, says Annie Lööf.

It is a solution that Gideonsson does not give much for. That would require new negotiations. Now, instead, time is needed to analyze, she says.

– I think that everyone, both the parties who have agreed and we must gather and see, okay, how should we now take this further. Precisely on the basis that it is an ongoing contract movement. Things can also happen during a contract movement, says Susanna Gideonsson.





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