Jugendliche werden verdächtigt, bei einem Wochenendanschlag getötet zu haben

Jugendliche werden verdächtigt, bei einem Wochenendanschlag getötet zu haben

Police have said they are investigating a suspected murder that took place in the Vallila area of ​​Helsinki on Saturday.

According to preliminary information, emergency services were called on Saturday at 1:00 am from a stab in front of the Aäppa convenience store at the intersection of Mäkelänkatu and Päijänteentie.

The perpetrators had already fled the scene by the time police arrived in search of wounded men, about 20 years old. The victim was taken to a hospital where he was injured a few hours later.

Three boys between the ages of 14 and 16 are suspected of the crime. Police said on Sunday they found two suspects on Saturday and arrested one of them.

Tips are desired for a group of five

Police said the suspects were in a group of about five people – including two girls – moving in the Vallila area before the sting.

"On Saturday, police conducted technical and tactical investigations and also reviewed surveillance camera material in the area," senior investigator detective supreme inspector Jukka Larkio The Helsinki Police Department said.

Police ask the public to report any findings of the group or provide information about the incident itself. Investigators can be reached at the Violent Crimes Unit’s e-mail address [E-Mail geschützt].

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