Verbrauchsabhängige Abrechnungssysteme für Wasser werden in Finnland ausgeweitet

Verbrauchsabhängige Abrechnungssysteme für Wasser werden in Finnland ausgeweitet

In Finland, the payments made by consumers for tap water are increasingly based on the actual level of consumption instead of fixed fees.

Especially for residents, water bills are often based on the number of people living at home.

But after the EU’s energy efficiency directive, the Finnish parliament approved an amendment to the Water Charges Act earlier this month. The change will affect how housing companies charge tenants and residents for water.

Apartment-specific water meters have been required to be installed in new buildings in Finland since 2011. Then, in 2013, the separated water meters had to be installed during pipe renovation projects.

However, housing associations have so far not been required to bill tenants separately based on water consumption, even if water meters have already been installed – but a change that has only been approved will change that.

Change is not universal

Petri PylsyA real energy and climate expert from the real estate association told Yle on Tuesday that it is not a dramatic change, noting that the new rules will affect new buildings and pipeline renovations and that some housing companies will use fixed water charges for a long time to come.

Heikki VäisänenThe head of the Energy Authority said there are big differences in the water used by households and that the change in the law will help those who use less water to save money, while large water users will end up paying more.

In Finland, only 80 liters of water are consumed on average per day, or even more than 200 liters.

"If you spend more than your condominium has previously spent on average, you may have to pay more if you are unable or unwilling to change your usage habits," Pylsy explained.

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