Als MeToo aufblühte, trat sie vor

Als MeToo aufblühte, trat sie vor

Prior to that, she had roles in films such as “The Fury” and “Blade Runner”.

After a series of years in which the audience had not seen much of her, Daryl Hannah appeared in the role of Elle Driver in the Tarantino films “Kill Bill” from 2003 and 2004.

But the career as an actress for Hannah, who turns 60 on December 3, has not only offered big roles and collaborations with film mogul Quentin Tarantino.

Several times she was exposed to unpleasant episodes with the now convicted film producer Harvey Weinstein.

The first time was in the early 00s, when she experienced Weinstein knocking so hard on the door of her hotel room that she had to flee via a back entrance.

When the same thing happened the next day, she barricaded the door with a piece of furniture.

Another time, Weinstein asked her if he could touch her breasts, which she said no to.

The stories she told several years later to The New Yorker magazine when the MeToo wave began rolling in the American entertainment industry in the fall of 2017.

“I feel a moral obligation to support the women who have been the victims of much more serious transgressions,” she told the magazine.

But it is not only in connection with MeToo that Daryl Hannah has made her mark.

As an environmentalist, she has been arrested several times – for example by the police in Texas in 2012.

Here she had placed herself in front of a large burial cow that was in the process of clearing a larger forest area where space had to be made for a massive oil pipeline.

Privately, Daryl Hannah married famous singer and songwriter Neil Young in 2018.

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