Die Kultusministerin beantragt Rettungsmittel für die von der Pandemie betroffene Veranstaltungsbranche

Die Kultusministerin beantragt Rettungsmittel für die von der Pandemie betroffene Veranstaltungsbranche

Minister für Wissenschaft und Kultur Annika Saarikko says it is looking for a game package for the live event industry, which has been one of the areas affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Saarikko, who is also the chairman of the Central Party, said in a Facebook message that he would meet the Minister of Economic Affairs on Friday. Mika Lintilä (Cen) und Mika Salminen, Director of Health Security at the Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) and representatives of the event industry, the music industry and the Finnish Professional Hockey League, the Finnish Championship League.

Saarikko said he wanted to bring the issue of event industry support to his government colleagues before the Christmas break.

The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Labor are making proposals to the government for financial support for the event industry, Saarikko said without mentioning how much money may be available.

EU stimulus package funds for the creative industries

"It is still impossible to estimate those amounts. We must first determine the scope of the whole sector. I can say that the support allocated to the sports and culture sector so far is not enough for this protracted difficulty, especially when the restrictions have tightened towards the end of the year, ”Saarikko told Yle.

According to Saarikko, it would be best if the government quickly finds targeted subsidies that do not require changes in legislation, which would significantly delay the process.

Saarikko said that part of the EU’s coronavirus stimulation package will be aimed at helping the creative industries and the event industry to recover from the crisis.

He added that solutions are needed to secure a vision for the future of the industry. The agencies responsible for the restrictions, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the event industry must work together to come up with procedures and guidelines so that events can take place within the limits set by the pandemic situation.

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