Quecksilber fällt in Utsjoki auf -39 ° C

Quecksilber fällt in Utsjoki auf -39 ° C

The temperature dropped to -38.9 degrees Celsius on the day of boxing in Kevo, a village in the municipality of Utsjoki, according to Yle’s Meteorologist Matti Hutonen.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), the cold winter records of Lapland’s municipalities were broken on Saturday, and in the far north the temperature was below -30 ° C in the village of Poka in Kittilä. .

Before Christmas, Finland had not logged in temperatures below -30.9 degrees Celsius, according to the FMI Meteorologist Jari Tuovinen.

The Financial Supervision Authority has issued a warning about cold weather in northern and northeastern Lapland. Meanwhile, forecasters predict much of the country on Sunday.

Quiet return traffic

According to Finnish traffic control officials, weather conditions are not expected to prevent a return holiday.

Earlier this week, according to the agency, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the volume of road traffic in Finland this year, and in December, traffic fell by 15 per cent compared to the previous year.

Quelle: Die nordische Seite

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