Tuppurainen: Das Handelsabkommen zwischen der EU und Großbritannien ist gut, aber nicht feiernswert

Tuppurainen: Das Handelsabkommen zwischen der EU und Großbritannien ist gut, aber nicht feiernswert

“There will be negative effects, and companies in particular need to be prepared for them. The purpose of this partnership agreement is to minimize the damage, ”he stressed.

Tuppurainen tweeted earlier that a mutually beneficial agreement would be presented to Parliament almost immediately. Although all Member States were informed of the negotiations, the language of the agreement also needs to be reviewed at national level, he explained.

“This work starts right away. The agreement must be approved by both the Council of the EU Member States and the European Parliament. “

All Member States, he added, will do their utmost to ensure that the agreement can be provisionally approved as early as next year.

Tuppurainen also reminded that although the careful negotiations were successfully concluded, the agreement increases the distance between the parties. “A more distant relationship is the inevitable result of the UK’s political will,” he said.

As the United Kingdom remains a key trading partner for Finland and the European Union, he emphasized that failure to reach agreement on various issues, such as fishing rights and business rules, would have caused considerable uncertainty and unpredictability.

“Therefore, we must be pleased that an agreement was reached on the agreement,” he said.

The draft agreement was presented to the representatives of the Member States on Christmas Day Michael Barnier, Chief Negotiator of the European Union.

“The agreement has only just been sent to the member states. We have received a link to the material, which consists of more than 2,000 pages,” commented Tuppurainen.

Tuppurainen considered that perhaps the most significant result of the careful process was that the Member States did not start competing with each other, but remained a united front with regard to the United Kingdom.

“It is also an indication that the European Union will not collapse due to the departure of a key power such as the United Kingdom. The Union can withstand it,” he confirmed.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Quelle: Die nordische Seite

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