Die Polizei hat in Helsinki eine Sonde abgefeuert

Die Polizei hat in Helsinki eine Sonde abgefeuert

According to a report by the commercial broadcaster MTV, the techno festival was held in the Sörnäinen district of Helsinki on Saturday evening on Sunday morning. In videos shared on social media, multiple people can dance without masks and without following safe distances while a DJ played at the event.

The Helsinki Police Patrol visited the scene, but decided on the basis of the information received at the time that it was a private incident, so they did not intervene.

However, in the light of new information, the police have launched a criminal investigation.

"The Helsinki police have received information about the nature of the party afterwards and have decided to open a criminal investigation on this basis," said the chief Heikki Porola in einer Pressemitteilung.

According to Porola, the restrictions imposed by the regional government agency (Regional state Administrative Agency) should be complied with. Porola also pointed out that public events that are assumed to be private events should not be organized.

Currently, all indoor and outdoor events and meetings are prohibited. However, the restrictions state "absolutely necessary public events and meetings with up to ten people can be organized […]"

Last week, 25 students were diagnosed with the coronavirus after going to bars in central Helsinki, and another 70 people were exposed to the virus.

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