Dänemark hat die höchste Zahl an Infizierten seit zwei Wochen

Dänemark hat die höchste Zahl an Infizierten seit zwei Wochen

The positive percentage is 0.40 percent, which is roughly on a par with the beginning of February.

Last week, the number was down to 0.22, and the number of daily infections was less than 300 at the same time.

In addition, in Thursday’s test, 59 new cases of infection were found in lightning tests from private suppliers. They were found in 34,259 test results.

It is not known how large an overlap there is between people who are tested positive in lightning tests and PCR tests in the public sector. Therefore, the numbers cannot be added together.

On Friday, Kolding took over the boring first place over municipalities with the highest infection pressure from Ishøj. Kolding has recently had several outbreaks in schools and day care institutions.

The authorities are currently focusing on the development of the more contagious variant B117, which originates in the United Kingdom.

It is already considered to be the dominant one, but as it takes up to a week to analyze positive samples for which variant they originate from, it has not been definitively confirmed yet.

According to the latest data from SSI, 47.2 per cent of the analyzed positive samples in week 6 came from the British variant. At the beginning of the year, the figure was 2.1 percent by comparison.

The number of inpatients fell by 5 to 264 on Friday.

It is the lowest since the beginning of December, and it is just over a quarter of how many were admitted when the hospitals had the most corona patients at the beginning of January.

In the last 24 hours, eight deaths have been recorded among corona patients.

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