Dänischer Nerz wird bei einer Auktion weggerissen

Dänischer Nerz wird bei einer Auktion weggerissen

On the first day of the auction on Saturday, when the best skins are sold, the average price is 315 kroner. This is a light type of mink, where Danish mink make up a large part of sales. And there is a rift about the skins.

– It is there, says Jesper Lauge Christensen.

– With the situation we have in Denmark, where there is an exit on production, and the very special Danish qualities, which can only be bought at auction in Copenhagen, are being phased out, customers’ appetite is greater than we have seen for a long time, he says.

When the day is over, it is expected that Kopenhagen Fur has sold 300,000-400,000 skins. About 60 percent of the skins at the auction are Danish.

– We have started with the best items on the collection. Tomorrow there will be more volume with a larger quantity, and where the price is a little less. There we get a clearer indication of what the price difference is from September to now, he says.

When the auction continues on Sunday, Jesper Lauge Christensen expects the price to end at 230-260 kroner.

– We come from a very low level in 2020, which was one of the worst years in the industry. So we have an expectation that we will get a price increase, also when we get later in the year, he says.

During the year, approximately 15 million skins will be put up for sale. At this auction, which ends on Monday, there are approximately two million skins.

The great interest in mink fur is due – in addition to the Danish closure of the industry – among other things, that it has been sold on a large scale in China over the past year. Here, the retail trade has not been as hard hit by corona closures as Europe, for example, has.

In addition, fur sales, like the clothing industry, are now even more focused on e-commerce, which makes Denmark less sensitive to a closure.

However, the strong sales so far are not something that exactly gilds the mink breeders, says Jesper Lauge Christensen.

– If we land at 250 kroner, we approach the production price. It is not just a matter of selling the skin, there is also some money put into it. We need to go up a bit before it becomes profitable for the growers, he says.

But to TV2 Fyn, mink breeder Martin From says that he expects to be able to make a profit of ten million kroner on his mink skins.

However, there is a long way to go, says Jesper Lauge Christensen.

– I really hope we get all the way up there, but we are not there yet. The price increases we see at this auction must continue for the rest of the year before we get close to it, he says.

Quelle: Die nordische Seite

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