Die Verschuldung durch Studiendarlehen wächst in Finnland

Die Verschuldung durch Studiendarlehen wächst in Finnland

Petri LaksonenThe chairman of the student union of the University of Jyväskylä told Yle that after the reform, the financial support granted to students has become more loan-oriented.

Authorities have reduced the number of months students are eligible for support, and scholarship funding has been reduced.

The reform has been criticized for students driving on more debt at the end of their studies. If the student is not shown to be in gainful employment, his or her monthly income consists of a study grant of EUR 250 and a housing allowance of up to EUR 400.

Student welfare representatives point out that student housing costs are, on average, quite high, especially in densely populated cities such as Helsinki, and students struggle to stay afloat due to insufficient funding. According to a survey conducted in 2019, one in four students had to borrow money from a friend due to financial problems.

Finnish banks currently offer students six-month loans of up to EUR 3,900. Most opt ​​for these instead of monthly fees. As a result, a large proportion of students – especially high school students in high school – are unable to manage their finances efficiently for a period of time.

The Ministry of Education is currently considering an amendment of the reform, including the half-year loans banning high school students. It has also proposed loan relief to students due to the ongoing pandemic.


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