Polizeichef: Anti-Masken-Proteste „schaffe keinen Präzedenzfall“

Police Chief: Anti-mask protests 'set no precedent'

According to senior police, Saturday’s protests against coronavirus restrictions in central Helsinki do not set a precedent for future protests.

Polizeikommissar Seppo Kolehmainen said police could also act differently if similar demonstrations are held in the future.

According to police, the weekend demonstration did not proceed as agreed with the organizers. About 400 protesters arrived at the scene, and smaller groups merged into larger ones when the protests began, despite current rules limiting public gatherings to six people.

Many social media people have questioned why police allowed protesters to violate current coronary virus restrictions.

"Of course, the main task of the police is to ensure public safety. In this type of situation, we also try to promote cooperation, so from that point of view, the end result can be considered a success. The demonstration did not turn violent and everything went peacefully," Kolehmainen told Yle on Sunday.

Police tried to direct the protesters into smaller groups, but to no avail.

"I find it very doubtful that people come together this way without caring about the safety of others," he continued.

The question now is whether the demonstration gives the public the impression that the restrictions of the coronavirus can be violated freely. According to Kolehmainen, this is not the case.

"This does not set a precedent and is not a gateway to any other kind of activity. Next time we act differently or continue to promote cooperation," Kolehmainen said.

Yle also requested an interview with the Minister of the Interior Maria Ohisalo (Green), who did not want to comment.

Quelle: Die nordische Seite




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