From Iceland – Islands neuester Ausbruch ganz privat

Aus Island - Islands neuester Ausbruch ganz privat

Hard as it may be to believe, Geldingadalsgos eruption is actually on private land.

The land in question is a large area called Hraun (literally “Hraun” in Icelandic), located east of Grindavík. Indikator reports that Guðmundur Ragnar Einarsson alone inherited this land from his father. There are now about 20 people who own the property.

Fortunately, Iceland also has the so-called “freedom to roam” in the books. Like erklärt by the Icelandic Environment Agency:

“Icelandic nature conservation law sets rules on outdoor life and social standards. It stipulates that everyone has the right to travel around the country and enjoy its nature as long as the traveler is neat and takes care not to damage or otherwise spoil natural resources. It is allowed to cross uncultivated private property without seeking a special permit, but landowners can restrict routes with signs [or] other labels. “

Since Hraun is probably uncultivated and undeveloped, nor is it under the auspices of any protected areas, everyone is certainly free to visit the volcano, even if it is on private land.

Lilja Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, one of the co-owners of this land, said to Vísi: “I’m just talking for myself and my husband, who own a very small part of this large plot, but I feel very happy to see all these people come to the country and enjoy the best and even the scariest thing nature has to offer. “

She added that she was happy to see that so far no one has been littering and everyone has respected natural formations in the area.

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